Continental Gold

GOLD Dealers who agree to purchase 300 units annually are eligible for quarterly gold rewards up to $8.00 a tire.

In addition to the quarterly rewards that GOLD Dealers receive on all Continental & General passenger and light truck purchases, GOLD Dealers are now eligible to receive a one-time volume bonus, at the end of the year, on all your purchases.

In order to become a GOLD Dealer, a dealer must commit to purchasing 300 Continental and/or General passenger/light truck tires a year, sign a Gold Dealer Agreement, purchase a minimum opening order of 50 Continental and/or General passenger/light truck tires and must stock a minimum of 2 Continental and/or General passenger/light truck tire product lines.

Quarterly Cash Rewards

GOLD Dealers who achieve the quarterly minimum goal of 75 (300 annual) units Continental and/or General Passenger/Light Truck tires will earn Cash Rewards paid out to each quarter direct to the dealer.

2010 Gold Rewards
ContiSport Contact 5P
ContiSport Contact 3
ContiSport Contact 2
ContiExtreme Contact
CrossContact UHP
Extreme Contact DW
$8.00 Altimax RT & HP
Grabber HTS
Grabber AT2
Altimax Artic
Extreme Contact DWS $6.00 Grabber $8.00
ProContact with ECO Plus Technology
CrossContact LX
ContiWinterContact Lines
$4.00 Grabber UHP
Exclaim UHP
Continental Other $1.00 General Other $1.00

Depending on date of acceptance of this Agreement, the annual commitment will be adjusted.

The annual commitment will be made up of four equal quarterly objectives of 75 units.

At the end of each quarter a reconciliation payment will be made to GOLD Dealers that may have missed a quarter, but are tracking to meet their annual objectives.

Annual Volume Bonus

GOLD Dealers who achieve a higher purchase level will be eligible for an annual volume bonus.

700 Annual Units 1200 Annual Units 2000 Annual Units
$0.75 Per Tire $1.00 Per Tire $1.25 Per Tire

The payout applies to all units for the year and is paid at year's end.

Added Value Benefits

Customized Start Up Kit
UHP Express Program

When customers demand ultra-high performance tires that may not be in your inventory, you'll be able to meet their needs with the UHP Express Program. For orders up to 5 units, CTNA will expedite direct delivery at no additional cost to you for the following Continental and General Tire marketing lines - Continental ContiSportContact2 and 3, ContiExtremeContact, ContiProContact SSR, CrossContact UHP, and General Exclaim UHP and Grabber UHP.

Engage 360 Online Training Center

Get training 24/7 on Products, Tire Basics, Tire Technology plus Real-World Selling Scenarios and much more.

Customized Showroom Components
1' X 3' Continental and General lighted interior signs
Listed on the Dealer Locator
RPM Program

The Continental RPM Program is one more added benefit to being a Continental Tire Gold Dealer. Earn points towards valuable rewards such as electronics, outdoor equipment, home decor, and much more.

CTNA Media

Your online portal to the latest news, tire graphics, dealer ad builder, and brand logos.

Gold Rewards Trip

GOLD Dealers who purchase 2000 units annually will receive an invitation for 2 to their Annual GOLD Dealer Incentive Trip.